Good Day To The Residents Of Our Server.
I have Finished Working on Updating the Server and Client.
Download a New Client from Our Website.
The Server Will Be Turned Off for 5 Minutes at 19:00 Moscow time.
The Old Client Will Work until 19:00 Moscow Time.

A Lot Of Changes have Been Made on the Server.
Changed Monsters Damage and Defense.
Fixed Mu Helper.
Added New Quests.
Added New Bosses.
Added New Pets.
Added New Items.
Added New Skins for the Character.
Added New System Flags.
Added Icons for Vip Players above the Character.
Party Upgrade - Getting experience For The Gold Party from Different Characters.
Disabled Sale of Items in the Game for WCoins
The sale for WCoins will be carried out on the Website through the personal Account.
A New NPC Reset Location Tarka Has Been Added To All Servers, Without Time, The Cost Of The Reset Is 15 Jewel of Soul.
The NPC Reset Time Remained The Cost of 1 Jewel of Soul.
A Detailed Description Will Be Added to the Guide section on the website as Soon As Possible. thanks for understanding.
I Wish You Pleasant Playful Moments.

Posted on 08 / 01 / 2022

Hello To All The Players Of Our Server.
I would Like To Wish You All a Happy New Year - 2022.
May This Year Take away all the Hardships and Be Better than 2021.
In Honor Of The New Year, I Would Like To Please You.
From 20:00 Moscow Time on 31,12,2021 to 07,01,2022, Exp- For All Players Will be Increased by 50%.
I am preparing a New Client Update for you. New Events New Quest NPC. New Flag System and Skin System.
I want to Personally Thank the People Who gave support to Our Server.
You motivate me to continue Working on the Server and Make Quality with a Capital Letter).
I would like to announce One more News: I have started Working on another Server.
Detailed Information Will Be Published on The Website.
At the moment I can say that Exp on the Server Will Be Exp-100% Drop-30%.

Posted on 31 / 12 / 2021

Dear Players, There will be an Update at 22:00 Moscow time. 
Two Servers Will Be Shut Down for 5 Minutes.
What will be Updated. 
X-Shop Update for 3 Professions New Seals to Increase the Experience Gained by +20% and +40%. 
The new Jewel of Socket Stone.
As Well As New Pets.
Adding a Master Level for 3 Professions.
Experience for Master LvL - Exp-10 to Exp-15.
Maximum LVL Master-400
1 Point for 1 LvL Master.
A new System of Skins for Characters.
New Flag System.
Added Socket System For Weapons and Sets.
Added 2 New NPCs for Socket Produced by Map Swamp.
Fixed Visual Issues.
Fixed Technical Problems Of The Server.

MuHelper Open 10 LvL
Thank you for Staying with Us Sincerely Server Administration.

Posted on 13 / 12 / 2021

Posted on 07 / 12 / 2021

Posted on 26 / 11 / 2021

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