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Event Team vs Team

A new massive PvP event called Team vs Team (Team vs Team) has appeared on the server.
The essence of the event is simple, all players are divided into 2 teams - Red and Blue in random order.
After the start of the event, there is a massive battle of reds against blues, the team that will make the most kills wins.
Stadium Guard

To participate in this event, you need: To
have 200 levels, 50 resets and more

You don't have to be a member of the party, otherwise the Guard won't let you through!
If you have left the waiting area, you need to re-enter the game as a character so that the Guard will let you in again!

If you have all the conditions for participation, you need to approach the Npc (Team vs Team) which is located on the Lorencia 144x148 map and click on it! After that, you will find yourself in the waiting area for the start of the event.

Minimum number of participants 2 maximum 20

The winning team receives: 50 Coin

Posted06 / 10 / 2021

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