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Event Guild vs Guild

A new massive PvP event called Guild vs Guild (Guild vs Guild) has appeared on the server.
The essence of the event is simple, your guild is fighting against other guilds.
After the event starts, there is a massive guild battle, the team that will stay alive wins.

To participate in this event, you need: At
least 25 res and 300 level
The minimum number of guilds is 2
The maximum number of guilds is 20

You must not be a member of the party, otherwise the NPC will not miss you!
If you have all the conditions for participation, you need to approach the Npc (Guild vs Guild) which is located on the Lorencia 153x147 map and click on it! After that, you will find yourself in the waiting area for the start of the event.

Event time: 10 minutes

The winning team receives: 25 WCoins

The winning team receives: 50 GoblinPoints

Posted06 / 10 / 2021

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