About Server

Information About Global.Mu

General Information
Server Version Season 6 Premium
Max Stats 65000
Points LvL 5/6/7
Experience 100% Dynamic
Master Experience 10% Dynamic
Drop Items 25% Dynamic
Drop Zen 25% Dynamic
Advanced Money Drop 50 / 200
Reset LvL 330 / 400
Reset Limit 200
Points Per Reset 500/700
Grand Reset Limit 20
Points Per Grand Reset 10000
PvP PvP active, Individual Ballance
Guild Create Min Level 350
Elf Buffer MaxLevel-350 MaxReset-5
Trade Item Block Max 3 Opts ExE
Create Character Reset System
Summoner 1 Reset
Rage Fighter 2 Reset
Magic Gladiator 3 Reset
Dark Lord 4 Reset
Master Skill Tree MaxLvL-400 Points 1
Gens System MinLvL-50
Helper MinLvL-80
Party Maximum difference of 130 LvL
Pk Item Drop Item Drop Chance 5%
Reward Online Users Goblin Points 1/4 In 15 Minutes
Marlon Auto Move Every 15 Minutes
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Currently this is only one server.